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The ECIA Fellowship Is An Education And Action Based Course For Youth Ages 12-18 In Asia/Australia. Fellows Will Have The Opportunity To Learn About Intersectional Environmentalism And Leadership, Putting What They Learn Into Practice Through Their Own Independent Initiative..

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ECIA Fellowship Asia/Australia

What does the fellowship entail?
Sessions 1-8: fellows will attend biweekly, 2 hour sessions via zoom where we will be discussing an array of topics surrounding the key theme of environmentalism. Examples of topics include circular economies, inequalities within the climate crisis, and how to be a successful activist. These sessions will be led by the ACTION team, in addition to outside speakers from other organizations and/or businesses; including many interactive activities, such as debates, discussions, workshops and more!

Sessions 9-12: focusses on leadership. These 2 hour biweekly sessions will include personal workshops with world leaders, the basics of initiative planning, entrepreneurial skills, and how to engage others with your passions. This will create a strong foundation for our fellows, as they begin to brainstorm and plan their initiative.

Final 2 Months: students will run an initiative of their choosing using all of the skills they've learned in this fellowship, in addition to assistance from their own ACTION mentor

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-> Expanded knowledge of the environmental crisis & its implications
-> Leadership skills that will carry on to the professional world
-> Establish a larger network through forming connections with our external speakers who work in a multitude of fields such as engineering, law and business
-> Satisfaction of knowing that your independent initiative has positively impacted your community
-> A boost to your resume (unique leadership experience)
->> Visit ECO's Fellowship FAQ page to learn more, or feel free to contact us with any additional questions.

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Fellowship's reviews

According to me, the best thing about the fellowship was the fact that I learnt about so much going on and around the world that i had absolutely no idea about. The sessions were very informative and I definitely learned a lot through the fellowship. I had also proposed an idea to my school regarding a club like group which helps promote a sustainable living and it's most likely about to get launched 😀



The fellowship itself was really awesome with having a diversity in mentors and fellows. The stage gave us an opportunity to think and share our thoughts on different topics. I particularly liked the guest lectures. I, as a participant, was able to make connections, learn new things and was able to reflect it in my community.



The fellowship was a wonderful experience. Every session was much informative and interactive. All the mentors were amazing. The program taught me how we all as an individuals can work to solve environment crisis. My favorite part was the leadership training. It was a great opportunity to network, meet some like minded individuals.

Leena Aswani


The session was awesome and informative. Some of the basic fundamental doubts were all cleared after attending. One thing I would like to highlight is about the guest sessions, the organisation should include frequent guest invitees because of the interaction and experience area of different regions they give during the sessions. People will get to know about the stages of growth happening in different parts of the world.



Well for me presenting in the fellowship was an experience to remember with the engagement and discussion regarding such interesting topics. My favourite part was interaction with the participants and discussing away the concepts with them.

Samah Ayana Kabir

Fellowship Facilitator

The fellowship was a great couse. It was my first time attending something like fellowship and at first I was surprised to meet people like me who want to change the future with innovative ideas and had great love towards the mother earth. This was the best thing about fellowship that young minds like me interacted with each other with mentors who have been working for it from long.

Sheetal Rajput


Specially the mentors where the best people I ever met. They not only gave us knowledge and facts, helped us to communicate and speak up our ideas but they also helped us in making a strong start up plan for future. It was amongst the best experiences I ever had. It really enhanced my love and interest towards it and I really appreciate the team of fellowship for it.

Sheetal Rajput


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